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     What is a Carp Zombie you ask?

    Carp Anglers around the world have been known to do overnight fishing sessions at some of their favorite venues. Some sessions lasting as long as 1 - 2 weeks.

    Keep in mind, not all venues have available the luxuries that most of us would find in our homes. Luxuries such as food, water, air condition, heat, bed, tv, radio, and sometimes the company of friends or loved ones.

    Now imagine doing a fishing session that lasted 1 - 2 weeks long. Factor in some or all of the luxuries that would not be available at your venue. Also, factor in some days and nights where there is a lack of sleep due to either the fishing itself, the weather, the presence of other people, or even the presence of the critters that want to inspect your food and tackle.

    After a few days of this type of scenario, your mental and physical endurance could find this a bit challenging. Its understandable to feel weathered mentally and physically as a result of the circumstances.

    So, after a week or two your whole persona has changed.........

"Give a Carp Angler a 10 day session with little to no company, a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread and a bottle of water........and I can promise you that no lake can withhold her trophies from the focus, commitment, perseverance, and passion of the true Carp Zombie!!!"

                                                                                Ken Carp Zombie Keene