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This session was cut short due to the lake freezing over...TO BE CONTINUED IN 2009...
 Location: Southeast Pennsylvania, United States
 Date: November 21 - 26, 2008
 Anglers: - Ken Keene (Personal Best: 40.09 lbs),
                   Rob Byer (Personal Best: 32.06 lbs)

 Season: Autumn / Winter
 Session Temperatures: High temp.  40 f / 4c ,
                                         Low temp.  19 f / -7c

 Sponsors - Wacker Bait & Tackle,  The Bait Stop 
  Camping Survival
 After extensive research and scouting, Ken has narrowed down the search to a specific venue in Southeastern, Pennsylvania for what he believes may be holding 40+lb carp.
 Finding a venue holding fish of this size is one of the many challenges, especially in the United States where the waters are extremely vast. 
 On this particular CARP ZOMBIE Session, Ken Keene and Rob Byer will be spending six days on the banks using tactics and baiting strategies to ultimately reveal the biggest fish this venue is holding.

Session Timeline - Hook Bait changes and Casting    Hide