International Online Carp Competition This summer, The Online Keepsack - an American website for carp anglers - will debut the first ever BIG FOUR INTERNATIONAL carp fishing competition.

This online contest requires anglers to submit their heaviest four carp caught from venues anywhere in the world.

The TOP THREE ANGLERS in the EASTERN and WESTERN REGIONS will be awarded incredible prizes from the many different Sponsors involved.
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Date: June 2009

HOT OFF THE PRESS !! U.S carp angler Ken Keene, has written an article for the popular International Carper section of Carpworld magazine; which will be available in the April issue. The purpose of the article is to share with carp anglers around the world the current status of carp fishing in the United States and reveal the states and venues where carp fishing has been catching on. ... Read More....
Author: The Online Keepsack
Date: April 2009

CARP ZOMBIE NEWS - Autumn / Winter Session Location: Southeast Pennsylvania, United States

On this particular CARP ZOMBIE Session, Ken Keene and Rob Byer will be spending six days on the banks using tactics and baiting strategies to ultimately reveal the biggest fish this venue is holding. ... Read More....
Author: The Online Keepsack
Date: December 2008

ALL American Site Logs Worldwide Carp Events Keeping track of carp related matches and fish-ins around the world - TheOnlineKeepsack.

American carp fishing fanatic Ken Keene is taking the world of carping 'over there from here' through his innovative website ... Read More....
Date: February 2009